Technical Support

We make the difference in providing simplicity of technical & operational implementation

As the leading stored value card provider in Asia, ValuAccess has the most reliable platform and robust technology to support our customers technically. We have been in production for years without any downtime, interruption to service, nor fraud issues.


Making the programme work in your stores

We take what you have in your stores and provide a technical solution that requires minimal (if any) investment. Options include
    • EDC terminal – standalone solution – with options to buy or rent
    • EDC terminal – using your existing bank credit card machine to install VA application
    • EPOS/PC-POS Integration – VA provides libraries and specification for easy integration
    • Soft-terminal – installation of EDC terminal look-alike application for PC-POS



Programme Management Tools

Operations & finance support is top of mind in our delivering a total solution to you
We have developed a set of very flexible, secured programme management tools for our customers to better manage their card programmes. These include:

  • Merchant Administration Tool (MAT)

    We give your authorized users to efficiently view and manage the administration of your card programmes

    • Designed for management of card feature, customer data, transactions, adjustment, lost replacement and overall programme management
    • Can provide Corporate/Institutional Sales management for each corporate or institutional client including:
      • Real time control of a client’s spending limit;
      • Allocation of Gift Cards;
      • Bulk activation of the Gift Cards by our customer or their corporate client;
      • Tracking and reporting of a corporate client’s Gift Card programme  
  • Report Administration Tool (RAT)

    You can easily access current and past transaction reports for any programmes you have adopted

    • With over 50 different daily/MTD/weekly/monthly report formats covering sales/redemption; logistics; customer data etc. in Excel and pdf format.
    • Able to upload reports daily with following information:
      • Current liability
      • Sales tracking
      • Marketing data
      • Analysis by values, locations, activities, card types/designs etc
  •  Customer Administration Tool (CAT)

    We give you instant ability to draw customer registration, capture their data and more importantly, take out the administration cost of data entry instantly

    • We can easily integrate with your website to enable your customer to do the following:
      • Registration
      • Make amendment and view personal data
      • Review transaction and reward history
      • Check balance and expiry dates

Technology & Core Platform

Well proven technology which makes up the essential building blocks for a programme’s success
  • We are using the Proven Core Processing Engine – Verifone, the global leader in secure electronic payment solutions
  • We have significantly customised and upgraded the processing application to support programme management tools and wider business requirements, including:
    • Integration of loyalty and Gift Cards features
    • Enabling, validation and management of 3rd party distribution, whether retail or corporate
  • We have the most advanced Security & Fraud Control with features including:
    • Multiple validations per transaction prior to authorisation
    • Access control
    • DB encryption and key field integrity
    • Closed network
    • Fraud control monitoring for unusual transactions, traffic and activities