Electronic Gift Card

It is your product for sales acquisition and revenue generation


What is an Electronic Gift Card?


  • It is a prepaid card programme supported by real time transactions, reports, tracking capability and customer service
  • It is your branded prepaid cash value card
  • Consumers can buy it as a gift for their friends and families

Gift Card Programme Made Easy

  • You can decide your design
  • You submit card feature requirements such as value, reloadability and expiry period
  • We deploy the technical solution to best match your POS system
  • We make and deliver your Gift Cards
  • You place the cards in the stores and start selling


1. Programme Features

  • Wide & flexible features:
    • Able to set value, frequency & use
    • Able to redeem, reload, transfer or void
  • Flexible expiry options
  • Able to turn into loyalty card programme seamlessly
  • Can expand to include reward/entitlement features
  • Support bulk activation and corporate sales control & tracking tool
  • Provide IVR real time balance and expiry checking for consumers
  • Support real time transactions
  • Provide management tools including merchant administration, report administration and consumer administration

2. Retailer Benefits

  • Win 3 Ways – Upfront Cash, Store Visit and Spending
  • Risk Free Display – increase sales over paper voucher by 3 to 6 times
  • No New Hardware Installation – array of solution that makes the programme work in your store
  • Reduce Operational Pain – automatic tracking of sales, spending plus reports for reconciliation
  • 3rd Party Retail Distribution – expand sales and brand footprint without rental cost

3. Consumer Benefits

  • Better Ideas, better appreciated
  • As a Giver of Gift Card
    • Avoids unwanted gifts
    • Flexible value for all requirements & occasions
    • Highly appreciated
    • Quick & easy to buy
  • As a Recipient of Gift Card
    • Freedom to treat and get what they like
    • Freedom to use when they wish
    • Easy to use