Privilege Card Programme

Electronic Coupon Booklet for Tracking & Settlements

What is a Privilege Card Programme?

  • A paper or plastic card which can store event entitlement number 
  • Excellent for frequency count of single or multiple event entries
  • Support with reconciliation report for accounting efficiency


Industries Application:

  • Help to deduct number of courses or beauty treatments the customers entitled
  • Manage students' attendance by deducting number of lessons entitled and received
  • Help to count and deduct number of combo meals or drinks entitled


1. Programme Features

  • Able to load event entitlements to the card, and count the frequency of use
  • Highly flexible rating e.g. count by time (month, day, hour), location, frequency/event, membership etc
  • Real time redemption
  • Flexible events expiry management options
  • Reconciliation report for accounting efficiency
  • Customer data collection either managed by customer and/or merchant
  • Secure data storage

2. Retailer Benefits

  • Real time transactions
  • Operations and accounting efficiency
  • Better monitoring of the business
  • Induce customer loyalty & re-visits

3. Consumer Benefits

  • Simple and easy to understand
  • Able to subscribe multiple products/services via one single card