Loyalty Card Programme

Your product to reward your valued customers and to generate a continual cash flow from them


What is a Stored Value Loyalty Card?

  • It is a stored value card that can store cash, points, bonus, rewards and entitlements whereby you can define the reward value you wish to give to your customers
  • Consumers will use this card to earn points, redeem their purchase, reload the value and enjoy being a fan of yours


Loyalty Programme Made Easy:

  • Submit your marketing requirement on qualification, rating, and expiry etc
  • We will review, advise & promise a baseline programme for you
  • We deploy the technical solution to best match your POS system
  • We will set up and customise your requirements on the system
  • You design the card, we will make and deliver them to you
  • You place the cards in the stores and start promoting

1. Programme Features

  • Highly flexible rating of spend to rewards by time, location, frequency etc.
  • Support flexible expiry options by quarterly baskets, day, month
  • Support membership tiers, master and supplementary accounts
  • Ability to spin in discount; rewards; entitlement features to enrich the loyalty programme
  • Provide online customer registration capability, customer data collection template and secured data storage
  • Enable real time transactions; real time account data access
  • Merchant Administration Tool for batch activation; points management; account management
  • Provide usage tracking; reports for reconciliation

2. Retailer Benefits

  • Data Management - Capture customer data to feed to CRM
  • Increase revenue & profits - encourage higher spend from existing customers by increased frequency
  • Reduce customer churn - extend lifetime of customer relationship
  • Power of Segmentation - Effective marketing to cross sell and up-sell using personalised communications
  • Surprise and delight your customers – able to offer special rewards tied to personal data and profile

3. Consumer Benefits

  • Simple but relevant rewards programme
  • Easy subscription process and programme operation
  • Feel they are part of the brand, status and aspiration
  • Enable them to have 2-way communication with the brand