Discount Card Programme

Enables Full Control on Your Marketing Offers


What is a Discount Card Programme?


  • A stored value card programme with features to help merchants to establish discount rules
  • Can be blended together with rewards and loyalty programmes
  • Replace and upgrade current discount voucher system

1. Programme Features

  • Discounts percentage rules can be based on customer tier or loaded amount to reward the customers
  • Flexible rules for loading the discounts/ rewards – can either be a percentage of value loaded or a fixed amount
  • Highly flexible rating of spend to discounts time (Month, Day, Hour), location, frequency/event, membership etc
  • Promotion Flag capabilities to alert staff to offer a cardholder such a promotion e.g. special discount, free gift for purchase of a defined product
  • Expiry Management options to control the offer by date, time, or quantity used; and can be removed if not redeemed within a preset period
  • Discounts/rewards can be tracked separately for accounting purpose

2. Retailer Benefits

  • Increase revenue and sales - Encourage higher spend from existing customers
  • Attract additional visits – discounts rules can be applied during quiet times to induce purchase
  • Shift slow moving merchandise – discounts tied to merchandise sale
  • Surprise and delight your customers - able to offer special discount and offerings tied to personal data

3. Consumer Benefits

  • Combine Gift Card to Discount Card and enjoy instant rewards & benefits
  • No need to worry about having discounts miscalculated