About Corporate Gifts & Rewards

Gift Card is the Best Way to thank your Business Partners, Customers & Staff


ValuAccess support corporate clients of all types to develop their own rewards programme by using our choice of Gift Cards as:

  • Souvenirs for business associates
  • Incentives for staff
  • Gifts for customer acquisition or retention programmes

Some even tailor-made special Corporate Gift Cards by introducing a co-brand card with our customer’s branded Gift Cards to enhance image.

As a corporate, you will certainly benefit from our leading Corporate Gift Card Programme as we offer the most sophisticated management tool for our customers and corporate clients to manage, track and report the sales and use of Corporate Gift Cards.

How Does it Work?

  • Corporate to choose appropriate Gift Card based upon the recipients' needs
  • You, the Corporate to decide the card value
  • You, the Corporate to decide packaging style & activation time
  • ValuAccess to print, arrange card operations, and delivery
  • Corporation to send the Gift Card to your customers

1. Services Included

  • Highly reliable, proven, secure technology platform for transaction processing, fraud control and all back end functions
  • Tools to manage and control activation and track programme success
  • Automated reporting for reconciliation and accounting
  • Logistic support for Gift Card stock control
  • Customer Service Hotline for enquiries from your staff

2. Programme Features

  • Option to provide your own packaging to promote your brand identity
  • Can activate the Gift Card when ready for delivery either individually or in bulk
  • Provide delivery on the unactivated Gift Card by post so that the receivers can activate by IVRS or on line upon receipt
  • Allocate and account for the Gift Card by departments

3. Corporate Benefits

  • Get discount off Gift Card face value
  • No upfront inventory costs - only need to pay ValuAccess when Gift Card is activated, hence saving money for the unnecessary
  • Reduce Operational Pain – automated tracking, reporting, reconciliation & fraud
  • No redemption centre visits or operations costs
  • Open opportunities for brand awareness & internalisation