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“Our recent ‘bonus promotion’ offer to our Celebrations Rewards members was a great success. We had a 30% response rate to the outbound communication which delivered an increase in the return visit rate of our members of 89% and an increase in revenue generated from the member base of 70%.  This simple promotion demonstrates the power of our loyalty programme to deliver, efficiently and economically, highly sought after increased visits and, therefore, revenue.”

Anup Jain- Director Marketing- Pizza Hut India


Triple O ’s GiftCard programme has created a new channel for us to generate additional sales revenue.  More importantly, it is a great sales referral tool to help expand our new customer base.  The flexibility of a GiftCard programme also support and manage our successful Reward Bonus promotion.  The Reward Bonus GiftCards have generated a 6% growth in revenue and we have sold 84% of the total Reward Bonus GiftCards within the promotion period.

...Alan Chan, General Manager, Triple O's


In the recent findings of Dymocks Branding Study 2009 conducted by Nielsen Consumer Research, Dymocks is perceived to outperform all other major English bookstores in Hong Kong in terms of customers’ enjoyment of our gift card offering. Our gift card programme is seen to be a strong driver for customers to make a visit and purchase at our stores.

…Jannie Tam, General Manager, Dymocks Franchise Systems (China) Limited


The ValuAccess 3rd Party Distribution network has made available more than 500 sales points in supermarket; bookstore etc. for selling our Cinema gift cards. Now our cinemas are also selling other merchants' such as restaurants; fashion gift cards which in itself is a new revenue source. The gift card distribution programme has helped expanded our brand exposure and continues to bring increasing revenue to the company.

Tessa Lau, Executive Director, Edko Films Limited